CVS Pharmacy Manager calls Police on Black Woman for using an unrecognizable coupon

I swear to ya’ll these stories are getting more and more ridiculous and disgusting by the day.

#CVS Pharmacy Manager Morry Matson within the North Broadway area of #Chicago , decided to call the police on a customer. Due to the fact she was both of “ African American “ decent and used a coupon in which the manager did not recognize…🧐which so happened to be a manufactures coupon.

The entire ordeal transpired Saturday night, #CamilaHudson describes within a #Facebook live post : “So, THIS just happened: I had the police called on me for attempting to use a coupon at the CVS Pharmacy located at 6150 N. Broadway in Chicago!” 

The video has been deleted from Facebook due to “ Violations within Policy “ . But the video shows a shaken Matson placing a call to police officials describing Hudson as “ Af-African American “ inwhich she responds : “Black. No, I’m not African-American, I’m black. Black isn’t a bad word “
Moments later three Officers arrive on the scene, they speak briefly to Hudson and She is free to go. CVS regional director has then released a statement apologizing the accusations and treatments endured by their customers: “CVS has begun an investigation and we will take any corrective action that is warranted to prevent it from happening again”

According to #FoxNews Morry Matson is not only a delegate for #45#TrumpPresidential campaign, he is also President of the #republican log cabin of #Illinois .

What shall we label this bozo #CouponCarl#CouponCharles , #CVSCouponClarence

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