Traffic Stop leaves 17 Year old male dead at the hands of Pennsylvania Police


His name is #AntownRose ; 17 Year old male, gunned down by Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Police officials.

According to #Fox5News ; the Officers were responding to multiple 911 calls. A 22 Year old male had been shot, he was immediately taken to the nearest hospital where he was later released. Following the description of the vehicle provided by an eye witness, Pittsburgh police conducted a traffic stop that consisted of three males.

As the officers handcuffed the drive, the other two young males fled the scene. Police  officials immediately released fire. Possibly between 2-3 gunshots were released aiming at the back of these young men. They weren’t asked to stop, they weren’t ran after. Police first response was to shoot. 

Antwon Rose was announced dead shortly after succumbing to the gun shot wounds.

Sleep In Peace Antwon..🌹 



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