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Jamie Foxx has been recently accused of slapping women with his manhood

The entire ordeal dates back to 2002, at a house party within the home of Actor, Song writer and Television Host Jamie Foxx; in #LasVegas, Nevada.


The unnamed females victim states, her and a friend attended a gathering at Foxx’s home. Shortly after their arrival, Foxx asked the victim to perform oral sex on him and when she declined, he responded by slapping her in the face within his manhood. 

Officials close to Jamie states he denies the allegations and deem the entire ordeal as a money scheme. Severely questions why this Woman would wait nearly two decades to potentially seek justice. 

The female victim concludes that she feared people would deny the crediblity of her experience due to Foxx’s popularity within the industry. She has found strength to come forward and tell her story within the powerful #MeToo movement. 

Further details are still pending.

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