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Numerous Chase ATMs In New York Set To Close Early In Response To Rising Crime In The City!

Cousins! Chase bank is taking action in response to the alarming crime rates in New York City and vowing to shut down 24 hour access to their ATM machines and implementing a scheduled closing time instead!

According to reports from CNN, select locations will now align their branch hours along with ATM machine access for customers. It has been stated that some locations will end access at 5 or 6 PM each day and other locations will be 10 PM.

Out of the hundreds of ATM machines that occupy New York City, there has been no official confirmation as to which locations the new rules will be applied to. However a spokesperson for J.P Morgan has come forward to confirm that the new changes will be applied to a small number of locations.

“We review our ATM hours on a case-by-case basis and for a variety of reasons may decide to temporarily close some overnight,” reads an issued statement to CNN.

Mayor Eric Adams also reflected on the issue within a recent press conference, “People don’t want to walk into the ATM and see someone urinating… see someone screaming and yelling.”

“And that is what I’m saying I need to stop because I don’t want my ATMs closing down. I don’t want people leaving our city. We have to create an environment that people are safe and feel safe.”

It has been indicated that numerous social media users have spoken out against the newly proposed ATM access hours; insisting that they will be charged additional fees by being forced to use alternate machines.

“ The fact that Chase atm locations in NYC will start closing at 6pm say 2 things:
1- NYC has turned into a place that isn’t safe at all.
2- The Bad people are winning,” tweeted one user.

“@ChaseSupport we the people will start a class action suit against chase for changing terms of ATM service in NYC. All fees from going to another ATM will be covered because chase can’t have guards drive around to different locations ,” reads a tweet.

However store owners have been vocal about how the rise in crime has negatively effected the financial gain of their businesses since the pandemic erupted.

Reports read that the crime rate in New York City has risen by 23.5% in 2022.

Cousins, what are your thoughts on this,’do you think early closure will be more helpful or an inconvenience to customers?

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