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Sade Reportedly Working On New Music!


Word on the streets is a masterpiece is currently in the works by iconic songstress and singer Sade!

The news was announced on Monday by Brad Pitt alongside French producer Damian Quintard in conversation with Billboard magazine. According to The Fader. Sade and her band have been named the first musical residents of their freshly renovated Château Miraval recording space.

( 📸: Billboard Magazine)

This new project marks Sade’s first time releasing an album in over a decade. Though this news has not been publicly confirmed by the Nigerian native, it has been stated that she is already tapped in with studio time. Reports read that the project will be a follow-up to Sade’s last LP, 2010’s ‘Soldier of Love’. The band had previously released a soundtrack for Ava DuVernay’s film ‘A Wrinkle in Time’ back in 2018.

Both Brad and Damian didn’t share too many details on Sade’s upcoming project, however when speaking on their creation process the French composer stated, “You could feel the love that she and the band had for this place.”

( 📸: BillBoard Magazine )

Brad and Damian have been named co-operators of Miraval Studios. The freshly reopened area at the expansive winery and estate at Château Miraval, says Pitch Fork. Back in 2012 Brad alongside his ex wife and actress Angelina Jolie bought space. It has been stated that it’s been a major topic of discussion in their ongoing divorce battle.

Cousins, are y’all excited for new vibes courtesy of Sade?

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