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Pop Smoke’s Gravesite Crypt In Brooklyn Vandalized And Damaged, Casket Reportedly Dragged Out!


The gravesite of late New York City rapper Pop Smoke was terribly vandalized over the weekend with reports that an attempt was made to literally drag his casket out!

According to photographs obtained by TMZ an eye witness identified as an employee, came across the site at the Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, NY.

Reports read that the employee described the scene in detail, noting that the outer wall within the grounds was destroyed. Pop’s marble plaque has been cracked and broken through where his name “Bashar Barakah Jackson” was displayed.

There was trash discovered consisting of scattered flowers and joints. A photo appears to show an unidentified objected that was dragged out and left on the floor with indication that the vandalizes may have actually gotten inside Pop’s tombstone and trying to pull something out.

The employee continued to describe the site and the damages by saying that the door-looking object that was dragged out is possibly made of a concrete slab made to sit over Pop’s casket, separating his body from another right above him. The black rectangular object, has been described as being part of his wall enclosure.

There has been no confirmed update of if the casket was actually torn out of the wall.

The incident took place in between 2:30 pm Friday EST and 2 PM Saturday. So far a total of $500 with of damages have been ruled out with police officials searching for those responsible.

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