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Uber Eats Driver Seen On Video Stealing Customer’s Food Order And Transferring Into Personal Container With His Bare HandsGoes Viral On TikTok!


If “oh hell NAH” was a person it would definitely be us! 😳 A viral clip is making its rounds on social media as an reportedly Uber eats driver is captured on camera violating a customers safety by splitting their food into his personal container with bare hands!

Tiktok user SarahfromFlorida, uploaded the video of the alleged delivery person stealing half of a customer’s order while sitting on concrete in public.

The unidentified male used his naked hands to transfer a large portion of the customer’s food into a plastic container.

Various social media users wonder if the order was actually canceled, and state that there is a possibility he was able to keep the order following Uber eats cancellation policy.

But he is seen towards the end of the video stapling the bag shut.

The video rose speculations as people commented throughout the comment section. One TikTok user wrote, “The order was probably canceled, and he got to keep the food. Because he would not just be casually sitting there doing that.” Other TikTok users responded to the comment, as one person wrote, “Oh, so you would steal the food too since you probably stapling it back and all that oh ok.”

The video has pulled in almost one million views and over 10,000 comments from social media users.
SarahfromFlorida states that after taking the video a friend of hers confirmed with a Chicago restaurant that the unidentified male is an Uber Eats delivery driver.


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