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Erica Mena And Safaree Forward Claims That Their Home Was Burglarized Over The Weekend!


Love And Hip Hop cast members and married couple Erica Mena and Safaree have taken to social media requesting help from their followers to identify the group of people responsible for robbing their home over the weekend!

In a series of images from the couple home’s surveillance cameras you can see a group of men wearing face masks as they made their way through the home.

Erica posted a a picture of one of the male’s wearing their baby girl Safire’s custom made chain.

“Unfortunately, over the weekend, my house was robbed. There is now a $20,000 cash reward to anyone who can lead us in arresting all those involved. You can remain anonymous. Please DM Safaree or me,” reads Erica’s post.

In an additional post Erica calls out a woman she identifies as a stripper who is allegedly affiliated with the group of robbers. She states that the woman is currently wearing her jewelry.

“So this stripper ‘Christy Mahone’ is now allegedly wearing my jewelry and has all my purses. She has involvement with one of the robbers, one being @charleefamous.”

“Girl, be smart and give up all my belongings. If anyone knows her, please contact me. I got a cash reward on her as well. 10,000 in cash to anyone who can lead me to the arrest of this woman as well.”

The couple is currently offering a cash reward to anyone with details that’ll help them in finding the burglars.

According to The Shaderoom the accused woman has since taken to social media to deny all claims of affiliation with the burglars and states that she has her own money and doesn’t need to steal.

We’re hopeful that the couple sorts this traumatic episode out and most importantly give their baby back her belongings.

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