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Update: District Attorney Announces Officer Responsible For Shooting Of Jacob Blake Will NOT Face Charges!


Breaking news confirms that the officer responsible for the unjustified shooting of Kenosha resident Jacob Blake will not receive any charges!

The heartbreaking news was announced Tuesday afternoon by Kenosha County District Attorney Michael Gravely, reports CNN.

As we previously reported back in August 2020 Blake was shot seven times in his back by white officer Rusten Sheskey as he was breaking up a domestic dispute.

Though Blake survived the shooting he has has been left ultimately paralyzed from the waist down.

“It is my decision now that no Kenosha law enforcement officer will be charged with any criminal offense based on the facts and laws,” states Graveley.

The Kenosha shooting was one of many instances that led to countless protests around the world last summer pertaining to police brutality against Black people, including the murders of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd.

Gravely also announced that the other two officers involved Vincent Arenas and Brittany Meronek will not face any charges either.

It has been indicated that Blake will not face any charges also.

Blake’s father Jacob Blake Sr. came forward on Monday demanding charges against the officers responsible for the shooting of his son. He also advocated for residents to take a stance against injustice.

“Let’s be heard around the world. We’re not going to stop in Kenosha. We’re headed to DC. We’re headed to Nancy Pelosi’s office. We’re headed to whoever is going to be in charge of the Senate. Because this has got to be federally heard, for not just my son, but for everybody who has suffered police brutality — everyone.”

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