50 Cent Produces New Drama Series Surrounding Wrongfully Convicted Man Sentenced To Life In Prison!

Rapper and mogul Curtis #50Cent Jackson is continuing his quest to take over the film and television industry one story at a time. Next up on his list of phenomenal projects is the story of wrongfully convicted Issac Wright Jr!

For Life , originally created by Hank Steinberg and produced by Jackson serves as a legal drama set to air under the broadcasting network of ABC.


The show derives from the trials, tribulations and true story of Wright Jr. The telling of age story pinpoints him being wrongfully convicted for a notorious drug dealer in Newark, New Jersey and then sentenced to life behind bars in 1991. However his story ends in triumph after spending years learning the law and aiding as his own legal counsel, Wright is ultimately able to have his conviction overturned.

TV Guide reports : In For Life, Aaron Wallace (force of nature Nicholas Pinnock, a British actor who starred in Counterpart and Top Boy) is thrown down Wright’s path. He’s wrongfully arrested for dealing drugs, becomes a paralegal inside the joint, and begins representing other inmates as a bona fide lawyer after getting his license and passing the bar. The only differences between the lawyers his clients are used to having is that Wallace rides back with them to prison and he actually cares. Along the way, Wallace hopes to defend himself in court to overturn his conviction and shove the full extent of the law in the faces of the lawmen who conspired to dump him in prison for reasons we’re not aware of… yet.

When the series starts, Wallace is already nine years into his sentence and just about to take his first case — one that sits close to his heart — an attempt to overturn a conviction of another inmate on bogus drug charges. It’s Wallace’s handling of the case that shows For Life’s unique approach to its already unique premise. A normal, run-of-the-mill legal drama would make Wallace work by the book, spouting legal terms and fighting the system by using the system, outsmarting the Harvard-trained suits on the other side of the aisle. Or he’d be a caricature of a convict, a fish-out-of-water hurling anecdotes about living on the street and enlightening the judge about how things really work where he grew up, counting on charisma to win over the court.

#Cousins be sure to tune into the ABC network each and every Tuesday at 10/9c

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