Ex Georgia Police Officer Sentenced To 20 Year Prison Term For Fatal Shooting Of Mentally Ill Black Man!

A former #Georgia police officer has officially been sentenced to a 20 year prison sentence for the 2015 murder of a mentally ill, unarmed black man!

According to #CNN ex cop Robert “Chip“ Olsen received the details of his sentencing Friday; on behalf of DeKalb County Superior Court Judge LaTisha Dear Jackson. Sources have confirmed that Olsen has been ordered to serve 12 years of his sentencing in police custody. As part of his sentencing Olsen is prohibited from working in law enforcement, possession of fire arms, or seeking profit from this case.


Judge Dear Jackson spoke directly with the family of 26 year old Afghanistan war veteran Anthony Hill’s family; she honored them for their strength and poise throughout the trial. Also stating that she studied Olsen’s behavior and reactions during the trial.

“Many might have thought you were stoic and void of emotion,” Judge Dear Jackson says to Olsen. “From the time opening statements started, I saw the tears that you’ve had. I saw how you replayed March 9, 2015, in your head.”

Reports read that Olsen was initially cleared of all charges for the murder of both naked and unarmed Hill. However he was found guilty of aggravated assault, issuing of false statements and two counts of violation of oath. It has been stated that the Jurors spent over a week deliberating; potentially sentencing Olsen up to 35 years behind bars.


Before Olsen’s official sentencing Hill’s mother, father and sister took the stand to speak on behalf of their loved one. “The decision Robert Olsen made that day changed my life forever,” says Hill’s mother, Carolyn Baylor Giummo. “It was the worst day of my life.” Anthony Hill Sr. states he feels as if he failed his son by not being present to protect him. He goes on to say that Olsen never showed any sense of remorse during trial for the pain he has caused his family. “I stood out in that passageway many a day just hoping to make a little bit of eye contact; not one time would he look my way.”


Hill’s girlfriend stated that he had a history of mental illness and endured great difficulties of obtaining the necessary help he needed from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

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