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P-Valley Creator Katori Hall Suspends Production Of Season 3 In Support Of Writer’s Strike!

( 📸: Starz ) Cousins! As the writer’s strike continues, a long list of films and television series have begun to undergo suspension within production! ‘P-Valley’ creator Katori Hall has announced that she is standing in support of the strike and has declared that production for season will be on pause until a fare deal […]

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Diggy Simmons Responds To Writers Guild Member That Accused Him And Trevor Jackson Of Not Supporting Current Writer’s Strike!

Cousins! Diggy Simmons has made a rare appearance on Twitter as he responds to a Wrtier’s Guild Member that recently accused both him and Trevor Jackson of laughing at the current writers strike and failing to issue support. A woman by the name of Caroline alleges that on day one of the writers strike she […]