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New Study Suggesting The COVID-19 Vaccine Is Allegedly Causing Heavier Menstrual Bleeding!

-Eldica Stuart- Cousins! Some women are experiencing menstrual changes after receiving the COVID-19 vaccines! Of course, you know with any medication or vaccine there are side effects or adverse reactions. However, soon after vaccines were mandated, women claim to have  begun to experience changes in their menstruation cycles. According to Time Magazine, doctors and clinicians […]

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Officials Expected To Decide On New Covid-19 Vaccines In Early July!

-Avier Wanjou-Brass Cousins! Officials are currently preparing to decide on a new Covid-19 vaccine design that offers the best protection for the upcoming Fall and Winter season! In early July, Federal regulators will review data from the vaccine companies about the new vaccines they are testing. Then the FDA will decide on which vaccine companies […]

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Officials Are Expected to Decide on New Covid-19 Vaccines in Early July!

-Avier wanjou brass- Cousins! Officials are preparing to decide on the new Covid-19 vaccine design that offers the best protection for upcoming fall and winter sessions. In early July, Federal regulators will review data from the vaccine companies about the new vaccines they are testing. Then the FDA will decide on which vaccine companies to […]

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Pfizer And BioNTech Pushing For Approval From The FDA To Vaccinate Children 5 Years Old And Under!

-Avier Wanjou Brass- Cousins! The Covid-19 vaccine could happen in a matter of weeks for children under five years old if it’s approved by the Food and Drug Administration! Pfizer and partner BioNTech took a big step recently in submitting their clinical trial data to the Food and Drug Administration, possibly resulting in Covid-19 shots […]

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Leaked Emails Show NYC Health Officials Use Race To Prioritize Where To Send COVID-19 Tests!

-Angelot ndongmo- Cousins! Leaked emails from New York City health officials have allegedly exposed their practice of using race; to determine where to send dwindling supplies of coronavirus virus test kits! The NY Post reports, City Councilman Joe Borelli’s office conversed with reps for the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. Borelli said his supporters […]

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Blac Chyna Advocates For People To Get Vaccinated In Order To Board Flights!

-Angelot Ndongmo- Cousins! She’s over it AGAIN! Black Chyna spoke to the media on Thursday, while leaving an airport. She made it clear that if you are still currently unvaccinated, then you need to “get it together!” @blacchyna u TELLIN everybody go get a vaccine 💉 gone & do a ethiniccccccc surgery n get yo […]

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Candace Owens Claims Donald Trump Is Pro-Vaccine Only Because He’s Old!

-Brittany Hennis- Cousins! As we all know, the conversation regarding COVID and the vaccines is not going to die down any time soon, and the outspoken Candace Owens has very been active in the group chat upon her personal views of the entire thing! Candace recently took to social media to voice her opinion on […]

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Italian Man Gets Jail Time After Using A Fake Arm To Get Covid Vaccine!

-Avier Wanjou Brass- Cousins! An Italian man will be facing charges for fraud, after showing up for his Covid vaccine wearing a fake arm. Supposedly, he might have paid hundreds of Euros for the silicone prosthetic and even obtained a health pass! The bizarre event occurred at a vaccine hub in Biella. A town close […]

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Dozen Of NYC Sanitation Workers Suspended Following Investigation Into The Use Of Fake Vaccination Cards!

-Brittany Hennis- Cousins! NEW YORKERS WILL BE NEW YORKERS! In an effort to follow the new federal vaccine mandate, several dozen NYC workers have been suspended without pay as a part of an investigation into the use of fake COVID vaccine cards. According to NY Times The Department of Sanitation has cracked down on several […]

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11 States File Lawsuits Against President Joe Biden’s Vaccination Mandate!

-Brittany Hennis- As if COVID 19 coming out of nowhere and shaking the world up wasn’t enough. Now almost 2 years into a pandemic, our 46TH President Joe Biden has mandated everyone working at a company, that employs more than 100 people to get the COVID vaccine! Attorney general’s in 11 states filed suit Friday […]

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Abandon Your Faith Or Lose Your Career; NY State Healthcare Workers No Longer Exempt From Mandatory Covid-19 Vaccine Order Due To Religion!

-Brittany Hennis- Cousins! Late last month NY State announced that Healthcare workers will no longer be exempt from the Covid-19 vaccine due to religion! This ongoing court case stems from former Governor Andrew Cuomo’s order that ALL hospital and long-term care facility workers were required to get at least one dose of the vaccine by […]

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Michigan Nurse’s Side Hustle of Stealing & Selling Vaccine Passports At $150-$200 A Pop, Gets Busted!

-Angelot Ndongmo- Cousins! As the government tightens restrictions on those choosing not to get vaccinated, it seems to have indirectly created a desperation within some unvaccinated individuals; to skirt the system by any means necessary and tempted some individuals to exploit that desperation! Now we are all in favor of side hustles, but nurse Bethann […]

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Blac Chyna Goes Off On A Fan About Covid Vaccination While At Airport,“Get F****** Vaccinated”

Cousins! Over the weekend at an airport in Miami, Florida Blac Chyna had a now viral encounter with a fan about the Covid vaccination! Numerous outlets confirm that a fan had asked Chyna for a picture on Sunday while in the terminal. In a series of released clips Chyna can be seen alongside her body […]

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President Biden Encourages States To Utilize Covid Funding To Provide $100 Cash To Anyone That Gets Vaccinated!

Cousins! Within a recently held press conference at the White House President Joe Biden advocated state and local governments to utilize previously distributed federal funding to provide a $100 to all residents who get fully vaccinated! Within his lengthy speech Biden says that he wants the country to beat the virus by any means necessary. […]

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New NYC Mandate Now Requires Proof Of Vaccination To Enter Indoor Businesses Such As Restaurants, Gyms, Bars, Entertainment avenues And More!

Cousins! Things are getting extremely real in the field as a recently issued NYC mandate is now requiring proof of Covid-19 vaccinations to enter indoor businesses! From gyms, bars, restaurants, entertainment venues and more New Yorkers are now required to show proof upon entry says Mayor Bill de Blasio today. According to Pix11 in order […]

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NYC To Offer $100 Cash Incentives To Residents That Receive COVID Vaccination!

Cousins! NYC officials are back at the drawing board pursuing different ways to influence residents to get the COVID vaccination! In the latest scheme of things the city is set to start issuing $100 incentives to New Yorkers to get vaccinated. The news was announced by Mayor de Blasio on Wednesday in response to exceeding […]

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Washington State Establishes “Joints For Jabs” Campaign Offering Marijuana Giveaway To Vaccinated Residents!

Cousins! The state of Washington has officially received the green light for their “Joint for Jabs” initiative, a campaign that offers free marijuana to vaccinated adults! According to USA Today Washington’s Liquor and Cannabis Board will allow for licensed cannabis retailers to forward one joint per adult consumer that takes the COVID-19 vaccination at a […]

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AMC, Regal And Cinemark Theaters Drop Mask Requirements For Vaccinated Customers!

Cousins! Popular movie theater chains of AMC, Regal and Cinemark have recently announced that they are officially dropping the mandatory mask order for vaccinated customers only! According to The Hill all three theaters have indicated that they will continue to practice social distancing and cleaning measurements. “In accordance with CDC guidelines, masks are not required […]

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BET Awards Makes Official Return, Offers Fully Vaccinated Fans Chance To Join Live Audience!

Cousins! The BET network is currently gearing up for their annual award ceremony airing live in June and they’re inviting fully vaccinated fans to join in on the festivities! Each year the BET Awards serves as a major staple of culture honoring some of the most influential voices, artists, athletes and creators in Black entertainment. […]

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Tyler Perry Talks Covid-19 Vaccination Experience And The Black Community In New BET Special!

Cousins! Media mogul Tyler Perry is extending his platform to provide information as well as awareness about Covid-19 vaccination and it’s effectiveness within the Black community! Covid-19 Vaccine and the Black Community: A Tyler Perry Special will serve as an in depth conversation surrounding the pandemic. I got both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. Watch […]


Pfizer Claims Covid-19 Vaccine Is 90% Effective!

Cousins! Though we all can agree that the pandemic has long overstayed its welcome within society, thousands have vowed against taking a vaccine of any sort due its overall uncertainty. However It appears that the official development of a COVID-19 vaccine is still underway and according to the pharmaceutical company of Pfizer they’ve confirmed it […]