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States See No Boost In Employment Growth Following Unemployment Expiration; AOC Proposes To Extend Pandemic Insurance To Feb. 2022!

Cousins! It’s been a few weeks since majority of states have declared the official expiration of pandemic unemployment benefits leaving millions of Americans knees deep in a financial crisis. Though numerous officials have argued that the decision to end assistance programs will help the economy and force people to get a job, statistics show that […]

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Texas Senator Ted Cruz Trends On Social Media After Telling People To Get A Job Following Expiration Of Unemployment Benefits!

Cousins! Texas Senator Ted Cruz has forwarded some advice for the nearly 8.9 million Americans currently undergoing the loss of the now expired pandemic unemployment benefits! “ Um, get a job?” was Ted’s response to reports that unemployed residents have been left suffering with little to no options as they endure a continuous financial crisis. […]

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Joe Biden Proposes $1.9 Trillion Covid Relief Package Including Stimulus Checks And Additional Unemployment Assistance!

Cousins! In less than a week President elect Joe Biden will officially take office and it appears that the very first thing on his agenda is to provide emergency assistance to those in need during these unforeseen times! During a news conference held on Thursday, Biden forwarded a proposed $1.9 trillion Covid relief package that […]

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Update: Trump Officially Signs Covid Relief Bill And Avoids Government Shutdown!

Cousins! After days of prolonging and avoidance Donald Trump has officially signed the newly designed Covid relief bill for $2.3 trillion dollars. As we previously reported Trump had originally refused to sign the new law into order while arguing for republicans to issue a stimulus package for $600 to $2000. It has been indicated that […]

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Unemployment Benefits Officially Run Out For Millions Following Donald Trump’s Refusal To Sign Covid Relief Bill!

Cousins! Millions of families have been forced to face further financial hardships following the official expiration of unemployment benefits and an expected government shutdown; just days after the holidays following Donald Trump’s refusal to sign the new Covid Relief Bill! As we previously reported earlier this week Trump has stated that he refuses to sign […]