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Jacquees Claims T-Pain ‘Hated On Him’ in Interview with The Morning Hustle, ‘That’s my boy, he hated on me though.’

-Avier Wanjou-Brass- Cousins! In a recent interview, Jacquees called out “rapper turned singer” T-Pain for hating on him! But could you guys believe it?  Currently, the self-proclaimed “King of R&B” is on a media run promoting his future project, which, BTW, is executive produced by Future. During his sit down with Lore’l and Headcrack of […]

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T-Pain Celebrates Purchasing His Own Restaurant!

-Avier Wanjou-Brass- Cousins! Instead of buying you a drink, T-Pain might make you one in his new restaurant y’all! The R&B singer and hitmaker has added another accomplishment to his list– owning a restaurant! On May 8th, the “Sprung” singer announced he recently purchased his first restaurant.  Holding a set of keys on social media, […]

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T-Pain Says Stop Celebrating Black History Month, “We Want To Be Apart Of History Not Just One Month”

-Tamara’Shanay- Cousins! T-Pain is ruffling folks feathers with his recently shared views on Black History Month as he advocates for people to celebrating it! The singer explains that he feels Black people should be apart history overall not just one specific month. “..stop celebrating it. I don’t think we should celebrate Black History Month. I […]

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T-Pain Reveals That He Suffered From A Four Year Depression Following Usher’s Comments About His Use Of Auto-Tune “You Kinda F***** Up Music”

Cousins! Throughout his career T-Pain has received more than his fair share of criticism surrounding his use of auto-tune. Despite him breaking into the music industry with a new sound that fans quickly adapted to, T-Pain was called out by numerous musical giants even by people he considered a friend. T-Pain revealed within an upcoming […]

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Nicki Minaj Responds To T-Pain’s Claim That She Ghosted Him In 2007 For A Potential Collab!

Cousins! T-Pain is arguably one of the most diverse and talented artists this generation has ever bared witness to. From countless solo hits and collaborative projects, T-Pain has being doing his thing for nearly two decades. However, there’s one explosive collaboration that just didn’t happen within Pain’s career as of yet due to miscommunication and […]

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T-Pain Reveals That His Hit Single “ I’m In Luv Wit A Stripper’ Was Originally A Joke!

Cousins! Just when you thought 2021 couldn’t come through with anymore hidden surprises the Tallahassee native T-Pain reveals that one of his biggest hit singles was originally created as a joke! 😮 In a recently released episode of boxing legend Mike Tyson podcast ‘Hotboxin’ the singer came through with the vocals at his request. “I’m […]