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Sha’Carri Richardson Beats Olympic Champion Elaine Thompson-Herah Making Her The Winner Of The Women’s 100M!

-Tamara’Shanay- Cousins! Congratulations are in order for the girl Sha’Carri Richardson as she took home a W tonight at the athletic meet in Lucerne apart of the woman’s 100M! Tonight marked her very first competition since back in June, and even with a wet track due to the rain Sha’Carri dominated with a time of […]

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Social Media Users Speculate That Nicki Minaj Threw Shade At Sha’Carri Richardson Following Jamaica’s 100M Sweep!

Cousins! Our family over on our Black Twitter side are currently alleging that Nicki Minaj ‘s social media post in support of Jamaica ‘s big win at the Tokyo Olympics over the weekend held some underlying shade towards track star Sha’Carri Richardson! “ #QueenTingz u btchs can’t relate. and that’s ok ☺️🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲😛” , tweeted Nicki […]

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Sha’Carri Richardson Speaks Out Following Reports That She Tested Positive For Marijuana!

Cousins! Following countless reports that Sha’Carri Richardson tested positive for marijuana, the athletic track star is speaking out for the very time! Early this morning, in an interview with the Today Show, Sha’Carri had a chance to reflect on the situation with fans and viewers. The star sprinter says she named herself fully responsible for […]


Sha’Carri Richardson Reportedly Failed Drug Test, May Be Forced To Miss Out On Tokyo Olympics!

Cousins! Athletic track star Sha’Carri Richardson is currently trending throughout social media following reports that she tested positive for marijuana which may result in her having to sit out of the Tokyo Olympics! According to Bleacher Report, Sha’Carri is reportedly facing a 30-day suspension after testing positive for what has been classified as substance abuse. […]

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Sha’Carri Richardson Goes Viral After Qualifying For The U.S Olympic Team!

Cousins! Major congratulations are in order for the youngest phenomenon gearing up to take the world by storm Sha’CarriRichardson !! The 21 year old athlete went viral over the weekend following her performance during the track and field qualifying tryouts. Cousins! Major congratulations are in order for the youngest phenomenon gearing up to take the […]