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Howard Students, Publicly Denounced ‘Insensitive’ Phylicia Rashad and University’s Sluggish Response To Campus Conflict!

-Angelot Ndongmo- Cousins! Howard University students and alumni are progressively losing confidence in their administrative staff for the lack of follow through. For what appears to them, as empty promises of conflict resolution and insensitive remarks made by their dean, at the famed Howard University in Washington, D.C.  A spokesperson for Howard spoke exclusively to […]

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Bill Cosby Calls Out Howard University For Criticizing Phylicia Rashad’s Support Of His Release!

Cousins! Following his recent release from the slammer, Bill Cosby has taken the time to call out the Historically Black College of Howard University on claims of them being unsupportive to his former tv wife’s right to freedom of speech! “Howard University you must support ones Freedom of Speech (Ms Rashad), which is taught or […]

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Howard University Responds To Phylicia Rashad’s Support Of Bill Cosby Prison Release!

Cousins! Actress Phylicia Rashad has had the internet in a frenzy for the last 24 hours in regards to her support of Bill Cosby following his release from prison prior to charges of sexual assault! Along with countless comments made from fans on social media and fellow celebrities, Phylicia’s alma mater of Howard University also […]

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Phylicia Rashad Named Dean Of Howard University’s Fine Arts College!

Cousins! Congratulations are in order for legendary actress and HBCU alumni Phylicia Rashad as she has officially been named the dean of the reestablished College of Fine Arts at Howard University! Phylicia is set to step into her new role this summer beginning July. 1st, reports Fox News. “It is an honor to welcome one […]