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Gabrielle Union Speaks On Her Previous Marriage To Chris Howard; Says Neither Of Them Believed That Marriage Should Get In The Way Of Them Dating Other People And That She Felt Entitled To Cheat Because She Was Paying All Of The Bills!

Cousins! A recent interview with Gabrielle Union discussing her first marriage to former NFL player Chris Howard is making its rounds as she reveals how their was both disruptive and chaotic! Gabrielle and Chris exchanged vows back in 2001 and had finalized their divorce five years later in 2006. “I definitely was not getting wife […]

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Bridging The Gap Between Hollywood and Inner-City Youth With Brian Hooks!

In our first talk-back of 2021 we had the pleasure of Kicking it One on One with legendary comedian, actor, producer and director Brian Hooks! Well known for leading a successful and independent multi-decade career, Hooks is now exploring and creating new opportunities. In a one on one conversation with our founder Tamara’Shanay, Hooks speaks […]

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Kicking It One on One With Quincyđź’ś

-Tamara’Shanay- Cousins! As a man of many talents paired with multiple fan favorite projects under his belt and a consistently growing love of being a student of the arts; it is safe to say that Quincy is just getting started! With the release of his latest project Qside | Bside and more exciting things on […]

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Underrated Legend: Papoose Sits Down With Tune Core To Discuss His Legacy And Hip-Hop!

-Avier Wanjou Brass- CousinS! Papoose is a true lyricist. Every line and metaphor hits you, and it’s a never ending punch, causing anyone to tap out in defeat. Like many of the big names in Hip-Hop, Papoose rightfully deserves to be up there with the greats. Is Papoose underrated? That is the dying question. There’s […]

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Deion Sanders Speaks On The Importance Of Following A Viral Video Of Him Walking Out Of An Interview!

Cousins! NFL legend and coach Deion Sanders has been trending on social media after he walked out of an interview following a media correspondent failing to put respect on his name! The incident occurred at the Southwestern Athletic Conference (SWAC) media day while conducting press conferences for HBCUs when Coach Sanders walked out of a […]


Lyft To Offer Free Trips For Commuters Traveling To Job Interviews!

#Lyft has recently announced that they’ll be offering a special service to those seeking initial employment! According to #CNN Lyft is set to offer discounted to free trips for riders going to an interview or during their first three weeks of employment. Sources have confirmed that The Job Access Program is interested in eliminating the […]