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Prosecutors Want Nicki Minaj’s Husband To Serve 15 Months In Prison After Failing to Register As A Sex Offender!

-Avier Wanjou-Brass Cousins! Things are not looking well for Nicki Minaj‘s husband as prosecutors want him to serve jail time! The Rapstar’s husband, Kenneth Petty, [more…]

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Music Exec Kevin Liles Petitions For A Federal Ban Against Prosecutors Using Rap Lyrics As Evidence Following Young and Gunna RICO Case!

-Jasmine Dyer- Cousins! 300 Entertainment’s Kevin Liles and Atlantic Records’ COO Julie Greenwald are launching a petition opposed to using rap lyrics as evidence in court due [more…]

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Social Media Users React To Joe Budden Saying That Megan Thee Stallion Is Not A Superstar Outside Of Her Countless Brand Deals, “She Hasn’t Sold Sh*t”

-Tamara’Shanay- Cousins! Joe Budden let off some steam this week along with an interesting take in regards to Megan Thee Stallion’s current position within the [more…]