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The City of Aurora Colorado Will Pay Out $15 million To The Family Of Slain Elijah Mcclain!

-Angelot Ndongmo- Cousins! In this tragic case of WHWB (walking home while black), the city of Aurora, Colorado agreed to pay $15 million to settle a civil rights lawsuit filed against them, by the family of deceased Elijah McClain! As we previously reported the melanated young man was killed by the police, and injected with […]

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Elijah McClain’s Family Reaches Settlement Agreement In Lawsuit With Aurora, Colorado!

Cousins! The parents of police brutality victim Elijah McClain have reached an official settlement within the Federal Civil Rights lawsuit against the city of Aurora, Colorado! As we previously reported Elijah passed away in 2019 following a terrible incident involving fatal force and sedation at the hands of police officials. According to NBC News there […]

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Grand Jury Rules To Indict Officers And Paramedics Responsible For The Death Of Elijah McClain!

Cousins! For the last two years social media users, activists, family and friends have been rallying hard seeking justice for the life of 23 year old Elijah McClain ! As of this afternoon a Grand Jury has ruled to indict two police officers, one former officer and two paramedics of wo police officers, one former […]