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Coca Vango Shuts Down Rumors That He Has Cheated On Lightskin Keisha Following Circulated Podcast Clip!

Cousins! Social media users have been weighing in heavily following Light skin Keisha and her man Coca Vango podcast discussion on the possibility of cheating!

As we previously, a snippet from the couple’s podcast ‘Bold Face Truth’ surfaced on social media as Coca discussed cheating and how Keisha could react to acts of infidelity on his behalf.

“You not gon leave me if I cheat on you,” said Coca. Keisha immediately responded in letting him know that she would leave him if he cheated without any questions.

“I don’t want to cheat on you, but you’re not leaving me if I cheat on you,” Coca stated. He expressed that because he’s “spent too much money” he assumes Keisha will not leave him.

“I don’t give a damn, that’s your problem. Cause guess what, I’m not even gon — Let me tell you something, you cheat [and] I’m not finna be on some ‘rah-rah’ said Keisha. I’m going to be so playa about the st… I’m not doing none of that crazy st…”

Keisha proceeded in letting Coca know that he would never hear from her again.

As the circulated clip gained major interactions ranging from comments, reposts and shares; social media users chimed in with their take of the conversation.

“that light skin Keisha video been pissing me off all day. I’d have to leave that nigga for having the audacity to even think he can try me like that. yuck,”’said a user.

Coca returned to social media following accusations from online users that he had cheated due to his belief that Keisha wouldn’t leave him if he were ever unfaithful.

““I don’t play with my girl like that ’cause she might got damn beat my a**…”said Coca in an Instagram live video.


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