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Joycelyn Savage Reportedly Welcomes Daughter With Claimed Fiancé R.Kelly!

Cousins! It appears that Joycelyn Savage has welcomed a baby girl with her claimed fiancé R.Kelly!

This is very interesting news seeing how the defamed singer has been behind bars since 2019. However soon after Joycelyn’s social media announcement she began to ask questions through her Instagram story surrounding the birth of her child.

When asked , “is anyone going to help you with your baby girl,” she then responded, “we have a great support system while we await daddy bear return. ”

A social media user wasted no time in asking her, “How did you get pregnant if he’s in jail? Y’all married?” Joycelyn wrote, “ I’ll let you guys keep wondering because you guys think the only way to create a baby is through having sex 🤷🏻‍♀️”

The 27 year old was also asked, “ do you think you will ever speak on your pregnancy journey doing ivf ?” She responded, “It will be in my next book. It was a long process.”

Joycelyn was also asked how is it being a first time mom. She explained in saying, “ I feel very blessed. I feel ready to show my baby girl a better version of me then what the media has made me out to be.”

According to the Jasmine Brand Joycelyn revealed that she was expecting earlier this year back in August and that Kelly is indeed the father. Her claims were denied immediately by the singers legal team.

At this time there’s been no response from Kelly’s camp surrounding his reported new born daughter Ava Lee Kelly,

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