Prayers Up: Rapper Mo3 Fatally Shot On The Side Of Dallas Freeway!


It is with an extremely heavy heart that we inform you of the tragic incident that claimed the life of beloved rapper Mo3!

According to Revolt the incident took place on Wednesday evening as Mo3 was driving in his hometown on a Dallas freeway.

Sources have confirmed that as Mo3 was driving a car pulled up beside him and immediately opened fire.

Reports read that multiple vehicle occupants attempted to swerve away from the incident causing major traffic on the highway.

It has been indicated that Mo3’s car eventually steered off the side of the freeway and crashed into concrete where it ultimately halted.

Graphic footage of Mo3 laying on his back receiving CPR from officials on the side of the freeway is currently circulating on social media.

Mo3 was shot back in 2019 in the head but survived and took to social media moments later after the incident.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Mo3’s family!

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