HBO To Air #SayHerName : The Life And Death Of Sandra Bland

July. 22, 2015 former state trooper #BrianEncinia conducted a traffic stop that  was fully captured on a dash cam video. Encina is seen repeatedly slamming, choking and dragging a woman by the name of #SandraBland . Bland was then arrested based upon suspicion of assaulting an officer.

Bland was known for her powerful voice in which she used to speak out against racial injustices and societal inequalities upon numerous social media platforms. Three days after Bland’s arrest, within Waller County Jail, she was found hanging from the ceiling of her cell. Officers within the station as well as medical examiners have declared Bland’s death as a suicide, but from the outside looking in what could’ve possibly changed in such a small time frame to make such an impactful woman take her own life? For the past three years we have all asked: What really happened to Sandra Bland?!


According to #ABC13 ; a documentary is set to air on #HBO December 3 titled “ #SayHerName : The Life and Death Of Sandra Bland “ . Sources state even though  Bland’s friends and family have numerous questions about that fatal day that they feel will never be answered; they are hopeful the documentary will inspire change.


“There’s almost this outrage fatigue. If you are living while black in America, you know what it feels like to have your life in jeopardy at any given point “ Bland’s sister, Sharon Bland tells local news.

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